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EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT : Pay by May 20th (descuento antes del 20 de Mayo)

Which workshop/ event do you wish to attend?
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ABSOLUTE BEGINNER- (para principiantes) : July 3-7                                                                   
10.30am-12pm (taller de iniciación)
100 EUR_. We lend tap-shoes (prestamos zapatos)

TAP LAB for PROS- (para profesionáles) July 20 to 22
10.30 am - 1.30pm : Creative workshop (taller de creación para profesionáles). Roxane will create a piece together with accomplished tap professionals and share her choreographic process and insights. Participants are asked to provide a piece of music they wish to experiment with.
165 EUR_ (early bird). 180 EUR_ (after May 20th)

Monday thru Friday : 10.30 am-12.30pm / Inter - advanced
(technique, style, movement, choreography, musicality)
Wednesday: Master class with special guest Michèle Drees (master drummer from London). Musicality class for tap dancers: 2 pm-3.30pm
215 EUR_ (early bird). 230 EUR_ (after May 20th). Price includes Michele Drees master class.

MICHELE DREES Master class July 26
2pm-3.30pm . Learn how to collaborate with musicians, with London Tap Jam´s famous band leader drummer, Michele Drees. 25 EUR_ (early bird). 30 EUR_ (after May 20th)

with Michèle Drees & Roxane Butterfly
7pm- 8.30 pm
8 EUR_. Free for all workshop participants.

TAP RESIDENCY - July 31 - Aug 4
10.30am -1.30 pm / Advanced
Tap heritage, repertoire, tapping into fusion
275 EUR_ (early bird). 295 EUR_(after May 20th)

TAP BASH : August 4  - Bye Bye drink and open jam/ 8pm- 10pm. 6 EUR_ (free for all workshop participants)

Single drop in class: 60 EUR_ (one 3 hours class). 40 EUR_ (one 2 hours class).

About the teachers (Los profesóres)
Check the spectacular bios of the artists!

Roxane Butterfly : www.roxanebutterfly.com
Michèle Drees : www.micheledrees.com

Roxane Butterfly & Michéle Drees making music at London Tap Jam
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Jimmy Slyde Institute
How do I pay for the workshops? (¿como pago?)

We will shortly send you the complete information related to your registration request and method of paiement.
(Dentro de poco, se le enviará la información relacionada a su pedida y metodos de pago)
I am not sure which level to choose? (¿que nivel elegir?)

You can send us a short clip of your dancing and we will be able to direct you to the right course. (Se puede enviar un clip de su baile y os podremos dirigir hacia el curso adecuado).
Did you study with Roxane Butterfly before? (¿Ya estudiaste con Roxane Butterfly?) *

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